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How VeriLinks works

Step 1. You (a Buyer representative) engage VeriLinks to verify a set of domain names. 

Step 2. VeriLinks then engages Seller’s representatives who upload a list of domain names to VeriLinks for verification. Domain names uploaded to VeriLinks are encrypted with 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption in-transit and 256-bit AES at rest.

Step 3. VeriLinks verifies those domain names using the method described here.

Step 4. As domain names are verified, VeriLinks provides password protected access to the real-time verification status of each domain name. Here's an example below:


Step 5. VeriLinks provides you with a final "VeriLinks Report", which includes the verification status of all provided domain names and the dates and times of each verification. Upon request, VeriLinks can also provide data logs, showing all verification attempts made to the domain sever. 

VeriLinks - Verification Page PNH.png

...and that's it!

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