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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Q: Why is it important to verify ownership of a target company’s domain names? 

A: It’s important to verify the ownership of any domain names you are acquiring for several reasons. Here are some below: 

  1. To ensure that your business or firm is able to use the domain name(s) after the acquisition, i.e., the domain name is actually controlled by the target company, properly registered and not at risk of being lost or seized by third parties.

  2. To ensure that the domain name is not being used in a way that could potentially harm your business's reputation, cause confusion or mislead customers about the nature of your business.

  3. To ensure that the domain name is not being used to engage in any illegal or malicious activities.

  4. To ensure that the domain name is not being used to redirect traffic to competitors or other websites.

  5. To ensure that the domain name is not being used to collect sensitive information from users without their knowledge or consent or in a way that could violate any trademarks or intellectual property rights.

Q: How does VeriLinks verify domain name ownership?

A: VeriLinks works with Sellers to add unique TXT verification strings into the DNS records of a set of domain names. VeriLinks software continuously scans the DNS record, matches the unique verification string and then determines ownership through control of record. If requested, VeriLinks will correspond TXT verification strings to specific Seller entities, verifying domain name ownership at the entity level. 

Q: For how long is a VeriLinks ownership verification valid?

A: Upon verification, we provide a PDF certifying the date and time at which a specific domain name was verified. This timestamp provides additional verification that screenshots do not.

Q: How do I know a set of domain names has been verified?

A: VeriLinks provides select members of a deal team access to a portal which continuously updates a verifies domain name ownership. VeriLinks also provides email updates as domain names become verified. Once all provided domain names have been provided, we provide Buyer counsel with a VeriLinks report, detailing all domain names, their verification status, and the date and time of verification.

Q: As a lawyer, I advise my clients to require screenshots of a target company’s registrar account page evidencing ownership of a particular domain name. Why is VeriLinks' method better?

A: Generally, adding a TXT verification string to the DNS is a more reliable, secure, convenient and easier method for verifying ownership of a domain name. Here's why:

  1. With VeriLinks, Sellers must add a TXT verification string to the domain name’s DNS, which requires access to the DNS configuration and involves modifying the actual DNS configuration of the domain, which is only accessible to the domain owner or authorized parties. This makes it more difficult for others to fake or manipulate the verification process, as they would need to have access to the DNS configuration in order to do so.

  2. TXT verification strings are also more convenient. Adding a TXT verification string to the DNS is a simple process that can typically be done through a domain registrar or hosting provider's control panel. In contrast, taking screenshots of a registrar account portal requires manual effort and can be more time-consuming.

  3. VeriLinks saves Buyers money on legal fees. When a TXT verification string is added to the DNS, VeriLinks immediately verifies it. In contrast, verifying a screenshot of a registrar account portal requires manually comparing the information in the screenshot to the actual registrar account portal which can be more time-consuming and error-prone, especially when you account for erroneous / bad screenshots.


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