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Domain Name Verification for M&A

We turn hundreds of screenshots into a machine-readable record of ownership.

Built by lawyers and data science professionals.

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How it wors

How VeriLinks Works -It's Easy.

Step 1. Buyer counsel securely uploads a list of domain names for verification by clicking "Verify Now" on our home page. Note that "Verify Now" will only work if your law firm has an account with VeriLinks.

Step 2. VeriLinks provides the deal team with link and password to our SaaS-based verification platform.

Step 3. The domain name owner uses VeriLinks to automatically verify ownership of the uploaded domain names through our proof-of-control method outlined in our FAQ.

Step 4. Click "Request Report" to receive the current VeriLinks Report containing the verification status of the uploaded domain names.

...see it live below.


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